Our Feng shui Approach

At LivHoli we practice a western application called Essential Feng Shui®. It is a unique approach based on classic Form School Feng Shui which was developed by Feng Shui Master Terah Kathyrn Collins. Essential Feng Shui fully honors the essences of Form School Feng Shui’s Eastern heritage, while focusing on the many valuable applications it has in our modern lifestyle. It is extremely interactive and highly effective in transforming the specific challenges and individual concerns encountered in Western culture. This foundation of Feng Shui is non-directional. It is “Yin” – fluid, relational, interactive, and intuitively-based. With each space, we use keen observation and take into consideration the whole picture: the Five Elements, non-directional Bagua Map, and other enhancements to encourage optimal Ch’i flow.

Feng Shui is useful for all types of spaces both residential and commercial.

Essential Feng Shui® is a registered trademark of the Western School of Feng Shui™

Your Essential Feng Shui Consultation includes.

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