Immunity & Flu Prevention Products List

Nature has the most abundant resources for prevention, management, and cure for all kinds of disorders. Let’s see some of the most important and practical preventive measures. These preventive measures are absolutely natural and free from harmful chemicals.

1. Sesame Oil

· Massage the whole body with oil in the morning, before the start of the day or before breakfast,.

· Massaging the body with oils improves the digestive fire as most of our immunity lies in our gut.

· Before leaving the house, apply the oil inside the nose and ears.

· Also, perform oil pulling by putting oil in the mouth and swishing it.

· The oil acts as an envelope to the oral tissue against the viruses, thereby decreasing their ability to enter the body.

2. Eye drops

· Before leaving the house, put drops in the eyes to prevent the viruses from entering the body.

· Recommended medicine: Ayurveda Triphala Drishti Eye Drop

3. Fresh juices

· If you have food supplements in the form of powder, consume them with juice in the morning

· First, open the capsules and then mix the capsule’s ingredients in the juice.

4. Elderberry

· Take 1 Teaspoon of elderberry powder first thing in the morning

· Elderberry is high in vitamin C and helps boost immunity

5. Probiotics

· It is important to strengthen the digestive system because it – 

o creates a strong immunity to kill viruses,

o enables good bacteria to overcome harmful pathogens.

· Take probiotics on an empty stomach

6. Avoid sugar, canned juices, and canned foods

· You should avoid high sugar substances, especially on the days when you are out of the home.

· Sugar enriches microbes and weakens the body’s natural immunity.

7. Air Purifier

· It is advisable to have a device in the house to clean the air because the city air is normally polluted with harmful chemicals and is not very fresh,

· So purifying the air in the house helps to detoxify the lungs and increase immunity against the pathogen.

8. Vitamin D3 + K2

· General Recommended Dosage:

o For children 1000 IU per day

o For adults 5,000 IU per day

9. Zinc

· General Recommended Dosage:

o For children, 5 mg per day

o For adults 10 mg per day

10. Chlorophyll

· Chlorophyll helps cleanse the body of toxins

· It also helps to transport and circulate oxygen in the body.

11. Tulsi

· Drink Tulsi tea every day in the morning.

· It is very important for immunity.

12. Add spices to food – (ginger, turmeric)

· The spices like turmeric, ginger, clove, cinnamon etc. help to increase the

o antimicrobial,

o antiseptic,

o anti-inflammatory,

o anti-oxidant effect of the food

· These spices increase the internal immunity in the body.

13. Astralagus (or Aparagus)

· It exerts an excellent Immunomodulatory effect.

· It helps to protect the body from infections.

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