"Fuelled by my passion for the sacred wisdom of ancient sciences like Vastu Shastra, Feng Shui, and Ayurveda, I established this blog. Sharing the profound insights from these traditions is my mission.

Founder of LivHoli Interior Design, I channel this passion into creating spaces that embody these holistic principles. Let's connect and embrace the wisdom together!"

Nora Bens

Meet Pearpod: A Place to Cocoon in a Demanding World

Life can be stressful. Pearpod, a furniture company that designs with well-being in mind, understands this struggle and has made it their mission to carve out spaces for relaxation...

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Designing Tomorrow: Discovering Sustainable Architecture in Abu Dhabi

In the world of innovative architecture and cultural appreciation, several remarkable examples shine as beacons of holistic design. These structures seamlessly blend aesthetic eleg...

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Mold in Homes: Understanding, Diagnosis, and Natural Solutions

A happy and stable home is everyone’s dream, but sometimes mold can turn that dream into a nightmare. Mold, a microcosmic organism that thrives on organic matter, is present ...

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Harmonious Dwellings: Hanok – Where Homes Breathe with Nature

Hanok design represents the traditional architectural style of Korean homes, known as Hanoks. These houses hold a deep cultural heritage and carry a rich historical background. By ...

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