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Interior Design

Discover a world where design meets functionality and beauty intertwines with practicality. At LivHoli, our interior design services transcend the ordinary, catering to a diverse range of spaces including private residences, business establishments, inviting dining spaces, and enchanting hospitality venues.

We start the design process with a detailed consultation to learn about your specific requirements and preferences. We collaborate closely with you to create a design concept that captures your sense of style and personality while also considering any unique constraints or space requirements.

From Commercial to Residential

We specialize in crafting luxurious yet holistic environments.

Our process

Phase 1: Pre-Conceptual Drawings and Design Direction
Phase 2: Conceptual Design and Detailed Development
Phase 3: Detailed Design Package and Specifications for Production and Execution
Phase 4: Project Management and Supervision

Crafting Spaces with Expertise and Innovation

Our team brings a wealth of expertise to the table, specializing in creating rooms that not only captivate with their allure but also serve a purpose.

Liv Holi Interior Design & Brand Identity Design Restaurant

Nora B.

Creative Director, Design Lead & Interior Architect

Liv Holi Interior Design & Brand Identity Design Restaurant

Ahmed S.

Co-founder, Financial Director & Project Manager

Liv Holi Interior Design & Brand Identity Design Restaurant

Rafia J.

 Interior Designer

Liv Holi Interior Design & Brand Identity Design Restaurant

Chirag P.

Architect- Draughtsman

Maggie F.

Junior Architect / Interior Designer​

Madhura M.

Vastu Expert Architect​

Ahmed K.

Graphic Designer ​

Assia B.

Designer ​

Liv Holi Interior Design & Brand Identity Design Restaurant

Kiril A.

3D Visualiser​

Liv Holi Interior Design & Brand Identity Design Restaurant

Angelica A.

Administrative Assistant

Quality Craftsmanship, Tailored Solutions


At LivHoli, our commitment to excellence shines through our meticulous attention to detail. We ensure the highest quality by collaborating with top-tier manufacturers and suppliers, delivering items that exceed expectations.


  • Sustainability at Core: Elevate your space with eco-friendly designs, featuring recycled materials and energy-saving solutions for a responsible environmental footprint.
  • Wellness-Driven Spaces: Immerse yourself in holistic design, prioritizing your physical and mental health with considerations like EMF reduction, air quality improvement, and light therapy integration.
  • Inclusive Universal Design: Our designs are for everyone. Enjoy functional and beautiful spaces with wheelchair-friendly layouts, wider doorways, and features catering to diverse needs and abilities.
  • Biophilic Harmony: Experience the calming embrace of nature within your space. We seamlessly weave the natural world into our designs, fostering a sense of well-being and connection.

Tailored Design Packages for Every Budget

We understand the significance of your investment in interior design. That’s why LivHoli offers a range of design packages to accommodate diverse client needs. Let’s collaborate to find a solution within your budget.

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