Madhura M.

Architect Madhura Modi is a practicing architect and founder of Vaastu vision, a vAstu consultancy firm focusing on Architectural Design and rectification that has its roots in vAstu Shilpa shastra, one of the oldest design systems in the world.
After completing her graduation in architecture from Rachna Sansad’s Academy of Architecture, Mumbai, 23 years back, she has worked on various residential, commercial and industrial projects which provided her a strong base of learning this ancient wisdom of Bharat(India). (vAstu is traditional Indian Architecture). In search of health, happiness, healing and harmony, she has turned towards her roots.
She considers herself fortunate for having the privilege to learn and work under the guidance of her renowned gurus Late Dr. Dhundiraj Pathak sir and internationally well known vAstu practitioner Ar. Sashikala Ananth . Both of them inspired her to study the original Sanskrit texts (which have been in existence for over 3000 years) written in different regions of India. She is experienced in the field of Vedic vAstu, pyra vAstu, healing sciences and achieved degrees in vAstu bhushan , vAstu visharad , vAstu shastra: theory, concept and application, vAstu Level 2: Understanding Rhythm, Energy and healing. She discovered that vAstu offers a way of life and scientific philosophy which is more connected to sacred geometry, sacred mathematics and spirituality rather than just a religion.
She has experienced the positive effects on the mental and physical environment of the indwellers of Vastu friendly spaces. Her technical knowledge encourages her to redirect the hidden energies instead of demolishing the structure. She has done work on residential apartments, farm houses, Bungalows etc where she assisted the clients right from selecting the property, doing ratnadeep sthapana (precious gems deposits below the flooring and at the specific points on the plot) as per the ancient scriptures.

Later on, She has extensively been working on commercial places, office buildings, factories and majorly on the plot corrections and its enhancement by balancing the energies and creating productive, energetic and yet peaceful working places. She believes when one embraces his or her space and works positively Vastu always blesses the owner ‘Tathastu.’(So be it).
She is in touch with European and American architects who are practicing Vedic vAstu and has successfully handled clients abroad. Positive reviews and the clients who not only trust her as a consultant but always feel secured to share their thoughts and goals which encourage her to work and research more in this field. Her mantra is ..Om Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinaha (May all be happy).

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