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LivHoli is an interior architecture and design firm that specializes in residential and commercial spaces with a focus on providing holistic and wellness solutions.

The company is based in Central Europe and the Middle East with its projects completed in the United Arab Emirates, the United States, Mauritius, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Canada, Slovenia, and Qatar, which has helped to expand its practice.

With a team of expert interior architects, 3D visualization designers, branding specialists, and project managers, their portfolio spans an array of projects, from luxury houses to cafes, offices, and restaurants. Because of its experience in both residential and commercial interior design, LivHoli was able to turn these projects into unique, all-encompassing spaces.

As per LivHoli’s holistic approach to design, every part of the environment is taken into account during the design process. LivHoli ensures that every component of your project—from space planning, interior design, and architecture, to energy distribution and air quality—is completed flawlessly and with painstaking attention to detail. The enthusiasm and knowledge of the LivHoli team are the foundations of every project they undertake.

The LivHoli design concept seeks to provide complete interior designs using eco-friendly, sustainable, and holistic interior design techniques. This is made possible by striving to provide cohesive, conscientious, and inspirational settings by combining natural elements and eco-friendly materials.

When planning and constructing, LivHoli employs methods and materials that promote a healthy indoor atmosphere. We take pride in working closely with our clients to accomplish their specific and distinctive interior design visions by using our experience and compassion.

Please come in to find out more about our services and portfolio.

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