Rafia J.

Art has been Rafia’s lifelong passion, ignited in her early years and flourishing throughout her educational journey. Currently based in Qatar and having lived in Dubai, Rafia draws inspiration from the unique fusion of cultures and influences in the region. Her knowledge of interior design is enriched not only by her comprehensive education, including a BSc in Home Economics and a Diploma in Interior Design at the Dubai Design District in Dubai.

Rafia’s core strength lies in developing design concepts, choosing colors, and seamlessly matching furniture to create harmonious designs. Despite the demands of her profession, Rafia finds solace and fulfillment in painting, turning to her art whenever stress arises.

With a Master’s degree in Textiles and Fashion Design, Rafia initially carved her niche in the world of fashion. Yet, her unquenchable thirst for art and design led her to explore mosaic artistry within an architectural firm in Pakistan. This unique path ultimately paved the way for her to embrace a fulfilling role as a full-time interior designer.

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