Residential Design

At Livholi, we offer interior design services for a range of spaces, including private residences, business establishments, dining establishments, and hospitality venues. We have a great deal of expertise in creating attractive rooms that are also useful and practical.

We start the design process with a detailed consultation to learn about your specific requirements and preferences. We collaborate closely with you to create a design concept that captures your sense of style and personality while also considering any unique constraints or space requirements.

Liv Holi Interior Design & Brand Identity Design Restaurant


Liv Holi Interior Design & Brand Identity Design Restaurant

Turnkey homes

Are one of our most well-liked interior design services. We handle all aspects of a turnkey project, with respect to the design of the project. We consult with you to develop a design idea that satisfies your needs, and we then manage all parts of the project, from locating materials to organizing construction to supervising the placement of furniture and accessories.

Liv Holi Interior Design & Brand Identity Design Restaurant

Interior Architecture and renovation

We also have a lot of experience in interior architecture. We are aware that interior design involves more than just choosing furniture and accessories. Space planning, structural design, and material choice are all aspects of our interior architecture services. We pride in developing a design idea that considers every aspect of the space, from the structure to the finishing.

Liv Holi Interior Design & Brand Identity Design Restaurant

Interior Design Consultancy

Each client's requirements are considered when providing residential design services. We hold discussions with you to design a space that is both attractive and functional, whether you are constructing a new house or remodeling an old one. We create the design concept that specifically matches with your lifestyle, design preferences, and spending limit

Furniture and Window Coverings

We help in the selection of the right furniture and window covering as per the design concept created for the Project. We have ongoing partnerships with many of the major suppliers and manufacturers of furniture. This makes it easier for us to offer a large assortment of high-quality window treatments and furniture to our customers. We discuss with you to select items that go with your design theme and are within your price range.

Liv Holi Interior Design & Brand Identity Design Restaurant

Bathroom and Kitchen Designs

We are also good at designing bathrooms and kitchens. We recognize that these areas have a purpose in your house, but they also contribute significantly to its overall style and personality. We develop a design concept that is both lovely and useful, considering your storage requirements, the layout of the room, and your individual taste.

Liv Holi Interior Design & Brand Identity Design Restaurant

Lighting Design

We also excel in the design of lighting. Any interior design project must include lighting since it may significantly affect how a room looks and feels. We develop a lighting strategy that is both attractive and useful, utilizing a range of fixtures and methods to set the ideal mood for your space.

Liv Holi Interior Design & Brand Identity Design Restaurant

Residential mini-wellness center

We create dedicated spaces to celebrate healthy lifestyle, including at-home gyms, Jacuzzis, pools, saunas, and more.


Our design process is as follows:

Phase 1: Pre-Conceptual Drawings and Design Direction
Phase 2: Conceptual Design and Detailed Development
Phase 3: Detailed Design Package and Specifications for Production and Execution
Phase 4: Project Management and Supervision

We take great pleasure in our dedication to quality and meticulous attention to detail. To guarantee that our customers receive high-quality items that live up to their expectations, we collaborate with the top manufacturers and suppliers. In addition, we make sure that our designs are both aesthetically pleasing and useful, considering things like traffic flow, storage requirements, and lighting.


We are aware that engaging an interior designer may need a substantial financial commitment. To accommodate the requirements of each client, we provide a variety of design packages. From design concept development to installation management, we cover it all in our packages, and we’ll work with you to find a package that works within your spending limit.


As a result, Livholi provides a variety of interior design services for a range of settings, including private residences, business offices, dining establishments, and hospitality spaces. We work together on the design process and adapt it to the particular requirements of each client. We try to provide designs that are both beautiful and useful, considering elements like utility, budget, and style. We can assist you in designing a space that accurately captures your individual taste and personality, whether you want to redecorate your home or place of work.

Liv Holi Interior Design & Brand Identity Design Restaurant


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