Unexpected places to purchase art in Abu Dhabi

1– Al Marsam Al Hor – The Art Workshop

This is of one my all-time favorite and one of the eldest art spots in the city. A place where children and adults come to learn all different types of art. A place where most Abu Dhabi based artists create their art and some of them

I even grew up in it and became an art teacher. This is a government-established center which makes it less expensive compared to other institutions in town. It is also easily accessible being located at the heart of the city inside the National Theatre of Abu Dhabi offering free parking spaces for visitors. Al Marsam Al Hor or Art Workshop is a learning center for creative and fine art. The certificates awarded here are recognized by the education ministry, and prices are low since it is government-sponsored. Their courses for beginners and children are taught by professional teachers and artists.

Hosted by the Abu Dhabi National Theatre, which is part of a large cultural space, the art  workshop is in an ideal location where you can take advantage of other nearby art and cultural events.


2 – Manarat Al Saadiyat

I like its big Space, location and activities.

Manarat Al Saadiyat is a 15,400 square metre arts and culture centre, designed mainly to host art exhibitions

with international collections from around the world. The venue also boasts a theater, a central events gallery,

and a restaurant. Modern arts & culture center for exhibitions, talks and workshops, strangely located in Mina Port Area between

industrial warehouses and ships.

Warehouse421 is a multipurpose culture and arts center. It holds a weekly program open to the art and culture community that has the aim of promoting the local scene and developing talent in the area. Creative classes in diverse subjects like arts and crafts are also held for the benefit of locals.

Live performances of music and rotating exhibitions round out the offerings here. Warehouse421 tries to relate

their themed exhibitions to relevant concepts related to the local area and surrounding Arabic countries. Depending on what’s on you could be treated to an open mic poetry performance or just be educated at a workshop on a particular art form like calligraphy or screen printing. The massive converted warehouse has space for just about every kind of event possible.


3 – Jarir Bookstore

One of the oldest and important places for every artist & crafter in Abu Dhabi. This is the place where you can find all your art supplies to start your creative journey. Although this store sells all types of goods but it is well known by local artists for its variety of art supplies and art books.

Jarir Bookstore is an established bookstore and stationery supply store. This is a great place to get office or school supplies, from bookbags to printer paper. In particular, the selection of art and crafting supplies is impressive, with many artists using this as their go-to spot for materials.

The amount of books and other merchandise the store stocks is vast, but the advantage of the store being huge is that no matter how specific the item you search for is, it’s likely Jarir will have it. They carry books in both English and Arabic and the company behind the store also has a number of its own publications. In addition to books, they carry a number of accessories for computers and smartphones and even electronics like video games.

It’s a haven for book lovers, artists and people who enjoy arts and crafts as well.


4 – Abu Dhabi Art Hub

This is a special place in town where an artist can live, create art and exhibit in one place. This center includes exhibitions and workshops for public visitors. The first artist community to be established in the United Arab Emirates. Focused on emerging and established visual artists from across the world, Abu Dhabi Art Hub serves as a platform for interaction and cross-cultural artistic exchanges between national, regional and international artists.

The Abu Dhabi Art Hub was designed for young people emerging from Abu Dhabi and from across the world, as a live/work community, and a platform for connecting national and international talent to the Emirate. The Abu Dhabi Art Hub provides facilities to artists from across the globe, including office and studio rentals, as well as exhibition space for rent, where artists can showcase their work to the general public. For visitors, the Abu Dhabi Art Hub provides several art galleries to enjoy at location.

Art House Cafe is an art concept cafe that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Part of the inspiring Etihad Modern Art Gallery, the cafe’s colorful decor is energizing, fun but still relaxing. All the furniture is recycled and eco conscious, the space is literally made of art everywhere you look. The food is both Arabic and international cuisine inspired, with a particular influence from healthy Taiwanese dishes. Depending on the day, you might have the chance to see a workshop being held here or live music being performed. The unique, peaceful and serene environment brings to mind an oasis in the best sense, a result of its design that was conceptualized with feng shui in mind.


5 – L’atelier Des Arts

Apart from being located in the downtown area, this place is beautifully decorated and attracts every artist to

visit it.

L’atelier Des Arts is an art store that carries materials for creating your own art, needlework supplies and

mosaics as well as selling art that is already made. Whether you need to make yourself or find a stylish piece to

gift someone else, this is the place to be. It also holds classes and events.

The combination of L’atelier Des Arts’ specialties means it’s a hub for artists in the area. The materials stocked

are high quality and imported from Europe. Both beginners and established artists feel at home in the space

and the variety of art forms their classes encompass include calligraphy, needlework and sculpture. The practice

of painting mosaics and porcelain is especially encouraged, and you’re guaranteed to be inspired by the store,

which resembles an elegant, artistic home.


6 – Art Central

The only art corner in Reem island of Abu Dhabi city and is a one stop shop for all art needs.

Art Central is an art supply shop and center that holds classes and workshops on various art forms, including

painting, drawing and sculpture. It carries art material supplies, such as paint, frames and wall decor. The space

your private collection if you would like assistance.


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