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9 Favorite Bedroom Enhancements

All rights reserved. Copyright© 2015 of the International Feng Shui Guild™

Your bedroom is the most important room in your home because it is the room where you spend the most time, hopefully, 8 hours a day. It is where your body can get the necessary sleep it needs in order to rejuvenate. There is no “one size fits all” for Feng Shui enhancements but it does have basic underlying concepts. They work best when they are adapted to your personality, lifestyle and the nature of your space.

  • What do you see from your bedroom window(s)? If you want more relaxed yin energy in your home, consider finding a home with a calming yin view.
  • Depending on your nature and what you use your bedroom for, feminine accouterments like lacey fabric, a display of perfumes, decorative stuffed items may be the best enhancement for your bedroom.
  • If you want equality in your relationship (a theme associated with the bedroom regardless of its location), then make sure you have equality. Bring in the theme of two. Two nightstands, images of two in your artwork. It doesn’t have to be identical, just make it equal. If you LOVE lace but your mate hates it, then compromise.
  • It is strongly recommended to remove as much of the electronics as possible. Even your alarm clock should be at least 6 feet away from your bed and especially no TV.
  • A proper headboard will protect and support you in your life so make sure it is solid, preferably made of wood instead of metal and that it is attached to your bed frame.
  • Use animal print or faux animal skin fabrics like a furry throw, to increase the sexual energy in the bedroom. Add lighting that can be dimmed, candles, and/or a music source, to create a sexy bedroom.
  • Make your bedroom a place for renewable, restorative, replenishing sleep with the help of yin energy. Darker colors, softer materials, and cozier bedding are key. Avoid “up” energy, plants (they are on the opposite oxygen cycle as humans and will compete for your oxygen supply as you sleep), and bright lights/colors so you can focus on healing sleep.
  • Remove all items from under the bed to allow chi to flow freely. Items associated with work such as exercise equipment or bills, should not be in your bedroom.
  • The second use of the bedroom (after sleep) is romance. Candles, music, aromatherapy, lllooooovvvvvveee. Make it reflective of the two of you (or your mood for the day) with the sights and sounds that get you in the mood for love. Just remember if they are counterintuitive for sleep, pack them away when not in use.

All rights reserved. Copyright© 2015 of the International Feng Shui Guild™

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