An Introduction to Feng Shui

The original school of Feng Shui based on the observation of topographical
features. It is the relationship of a particular place to its landform surroundings. A metaphor for the ideal form has the shape of an armchair. When looking out the front door, the structure is cradled by the Black Tortoise, the Azure Dragon on the left, the White Tiger on the right, and the Red Phoenix in front. In practical terms, good form places a structure with the solid stable qi/chi of a mountain or hill shape in the rear and the active energized qi/chi of active water or bright sun in the front.
Finding the Dragon and Tiger energy in the landscape augments the beneficial effects. These original simple ideas evolved into specific protocols for interior placement and for the exterior arrangement of a site, and are often symbolized by natural focal points such as trees, plants, hills, and mountains, as well as by buildings and other man-made features.

Origins of Feng Shui

Feng Shui translates as wind and water. Chinese geomancy, known in
ancient times as Kan Yu, is said to be over 5000 years old. Feng Shui comes
from the I Ching and is grounded in Five Elements Theory. It is the art and science of harmonizing the person with their environment and heavenly influences. This is done with the knowledge of landforms that gather and retain qi/ chi and by the selection of a site in an auspicious location and in accordance with the energies present. A living or work environment is then designed in which the presence of the most beneficial qi/chi connects the energies of Heaven and Earth with the person.
This connection is enhanced by the placement of objects within the house to create the best flow of benevolent qi/chi, the best balance of yin and yang, the most auspicious use of space in accordance with energies present, and
by mitigating negative energies and enhancing positive energies.

Different Schools of Feng Shui
Feng Shui encompasses many perspectives.
– Form School (Landform)
– Classical or Compass School (Flying Stars, Chinese Astrology)
– Black Sect Tantric Buddhist School (BTB) or Western
and many other

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