Spiritual Home Fasting for Ramadan

Ramadan is a festival of spiritual ablution. This festival of charity helps you to deep cleanse not only your body but also your soul.

Fasting is the essence of Ramadan. Ramadan fasting is a spiritual tool that helps to detox the body, reduce unnatural food cravings, and calms the mind. It purifies the energy channels inside the body and ensures an unhindered flow of life force.

As we fast during Ramadan, the light of spirituality spreads to all dimensions of our lives. It purifies the way we think and live! And therefore, let us see how we can illuminate our lifestyle with a Ramadan home-fasting!

Prayer and meditation is central to Ramadan, so let’s start with creating a meditation space for Ramadan.


Vastu and Feng Shui tips to create prayer & meditation corner during Ramadan

Locate your space

    • According to Vastu, the north/east or northeast direction is auspicious for meditation or any spiritual activity. Therefore, you can check the directions on the compass of your phone and refer to a suitable location in your house.

    • If spirituality is the main priority in your life and everything revolves around it, then center of the house can also be used to create a prayer or meditation area.

Declutter & empty the space

    • After choosing a suitable location according to the above-mentioned guidelines, clear the space by removing useless articles.

Create the ambience

    • Include 3 essential items: carpet, soft cushion, and altar table.

    • Choose calming colors as main color scheme such as earthy brown, beige, sky blue.

    • Place an altar table to put all meditation tools such as candles, bells, smudging herbs or incense sticks, religious book.

    • Place positive symbols that reminds you of unity and God consciousness such as spiritual images, etc.

    • Look around the space and make sure all five elements are there in a balanced proportion

    • Avoid bright artificial lighting. Allow more natural light or go for soft yellow lighting.

Bring to Life

    • Light up candles, burn incense.

    • Play music or prayer chants

    • Connect to God-consciousness

Vastu and Feng Shui Tips for Home Organizations

Conscious Decluttering

Ramadan is not only about abstinence from food. The essence of Ramadan is to create a balanced life, in sync with nature and providence.

During Ramadan, we reflect on our thoughts, keep the positive ones and eliminate the negative thoughts. Ramadan home fasting follows the same principles.

Before creating a Ramadan home decor, you need to consciously scan your house and look for things that you don’t need, or don’t like. Keep the things that are useful, cherished, and make you happy. Remove the useless things, unusable (broken, bent, etc.) or disliked.


The idea of decluttering may appear to be a practice of throwing away things in the trash. But conscious decluttering echoes the spirit of Ramadan charity.

You may own things not useful to you, but they can be useful to someone else.

Conscious decluttering recommends that we freely give away usable things that we don’t need to the poor and the needy.

This donation will not only help to make your home feel clean but will also make you feel happy, content, and in closer connection with God.

Conscious Shopping

Most of us have the habit of hoarding things in our homes. We collect things without thinking about whether we need them or not. Most of our purchases are a result of an unnatural marketing push. Such thoughtless purchases can make your home feel heavy, cluttered, and full of negativity!

Many times, we bulk buy things on discounts or offers, even when we do not need them.

All these thoughtless activities are sacrilege to the sanctity of our homes. We cannot treat our dwelling as a trash bin or a warehouse!

With this Ramadan, let us promise ourselves to buy with discretion. Consciously purchase only the things that are good for us, things that we truly need, and refrain from the lust of owning more!

Vastu and Feng Shui tips for minimal decor

According to Vastu and Feng Shui, useless things bring negativity and block thinking capacity. Therefore, it is great to have things with a purpose. Such a collection creates an environment of sharp focus and meaningfulness. So –

    • Decorate your home with useful things like a beautiful tea set or a photo frame.

    • Refrain from owning a bulk of artifacts, images, figurines, etc. if you cannot manage them properly.

    • Dust collecting artifacts and collectibles bring negativity and inauspiciousness to the house.

    • Own only what is useful and manageable.

I hope that a purposive Ramadan home fasting will bring a surge of freshness, positivity and spiritual enlightenment to you!

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