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Space Clearing with 5 elements

According to the ancient art of balancing environmental energy, Feng Shui, the entire
universe is composed of these five essential elements – metal, water, wood,
fire, and earth.

These elements have their unique subtle energies. In a balanced state, these energies bring harmony and stability. Whereas in an imbalanced state, these elements may bring
negativity and discord. That’s why, space clearing of a lodging with the Five
Elements is crucial for physical and mental wellbeing of the residents.

However, space cleaning is an upgrade to the foundation step – physical cleaning and
decluttering of the house.

Physical Cleaning is a Must

Physical decluttering is imperative to reach the space cleaning. It is the essential for
the subtler level of space cleaning. Therefore, without physical cleaning,
space cleaning will not be effective.

Two Levels of Space Clearing

All elements have their yin(subtle) and yang (tangible) forms. Therefore, the space
clearing occurs on two levels – subtle and material. Everything has its place.
However, subtle space cleaning is more effective and thus more important than balancing the tangible forms of elements.

Subtle Space Cleaning

Subtle space cleaning with five elements is essentially the client’s explicit
intention to clean the space.

Tangible Space Cleaning

For the space cleaning on the material level, let us look at the tangible expression of
the five elements –

Wood =

Fire =

Earth =

Metal =

Water =

How to Balance the Five Elements

To balance the energies of these five elements, we need to adjust the presence of corresponding sensations.

Here are some examples to show the essence of tangible space cleaning –

v If you have a visually pleasing interior, then your wood elements are balanced. This balance is independent of expensive decor or high-end furniture. Mediocre things arranged in a clean, clutter-free, and aesthetic manner, bring a matchless wood harmony to your house.

v Similarly, a dust-free floor and clean linen are enough to adjust the touch (fire element).

v Earth gives us food and the subtle earth element, the sense of taste. Tasty food brings satisfaction and cheerfulness and helps to balance the earth element.

v A stinky environment damages the harmony of the metal element. So, anything with a pleasant fragrance, like flowers, aromatic herbs, essential oils, etc., can help in harmonizing the metal element. However, an unhindered flow of fresh and cool air is the best natural way to balance the metal element in your house.

v The sweet tinkling sound of chime bells, chirping of birds, and soothing music can help to balance the water element. Besides, a peaceful environment is a very foundation for a balanced water element.

v A party or celebration is a perfect example of a complete space harmony, where you have beautiful decor and music. The air is full of flowery fragrances and the aroma of delicious food. All elements find their balance in a festive setting. The cheerful mood of the people in a festive setting is the subtle energy that perfects the tangible elemental balance in the space. 

Space Clearing Rituals

Here are some space clearing rituals to harmonize these five elements.

1.  Place some aromatic herbs (wood) on an earthen plate or bowl (earth). Lit the aromatic herbs(fire) and move around the house exposing every corner to the herbal smoke. Make sound(water) with a hand-held bell (metal).

2.  Add aromatic herbal powder or raw herbs (wood) to hot water (fire and water) in a round (metal shape) vaporizer. Place this vaporizer in an earthen bowl (earth). Let the fragrant vapor spread to all parts of the house, with special attention to negative spaces. This method is safer and more effective for children and the elderly.

3.  Float white aromatic candles (fire, metal, water) and some flower petals (wood) in an earthen bowl (earth). Place the lit candles in a safe spot to let them burn till they die out.

4.  Put some drops of aromatherapy essential oils (wood) in a ceramic diffuser (earth, fire). Lit the diffuser (fire) and speak a prayer(fire) while ringing a metal bell (metal, water). Bless your house and family members and pray for their well-being.


These are some of the ways to spread harmony, beauty, and joy in your house. I hope this information brings balance in the five elements and peace to the house spirit that protects your house and its residence.

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