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9 Favorite Front Door Enhancements

All rights reserved. Copyright© 2015 of the International Feng Shui Guild™

All schools of Feng Shui recognize the front door as the mouth of chi and it is considered one of the top 3 important areas of the home or business to be mindful of. The mouth of chi is where the universal life force energy enters to bring fortunate blessings to the occupants and owners; therefore, it is important to make sure your door is clean, clear of clutter and welcomes energy as well as friends and family. Use the following enhancements in a manner that reflects your style and personality.

  • Sound is one of the 9 Traditional Cures in Feng Shui. Be sure to include some bells on your door handle, the doorknob, or in a wreath. Every time you open the door, the bells will ring out welcoming positive energy into your home.
  • Utilize the color red at the front door. Red pottery, red flowers or any red accent will activate your intention to welcome energy into your life.
  • The front door should work properly which includes good working doorknobs, hinges and locks.
  • The path to the door should be free of obstacles and open.
  • Make the front door stand out from the rest of the house so it is easy to find. Do this by using a color that’s different from the rest of the house.
  • Remove or trim back any shrubbery that blocks the view of the front door from the street so the door can be easily seen.
  • Make sure there is an abundance of light and no dark spots.
  • Add a welcome mat outside your front door.
  • A home should have the house number displayed, so make sure your house numbers are visible from the street and preferably horizontal instead of diagonal or vertical.

All rights reserved. Copyright© 2015 of the International Feng Shui Guild™

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