9 Favorite Kitchen Enhancements

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The kitchen is the heart and health of the home in Feng Shui and it the second most important room in your home as its purpose is to help nourish your body. Honor your personality in your kitchen. If you want to display your child’s artwork on your refrigerator; put it up neatly to maintain visual harmony in your kitchen. Artwork by children adds good chi to the space. If you like watching cooking shows while you cook, put your viewing screen in a safe easy to see location. This too adds good chi to your kitchen.

  • Organize your kitchen drawers to help combat clutter. Use bins, storage racks, even scarf and sock organizers to help you achieve sanity in that kitchen gadget cabinet. Organize inside the cabinets and countertops should be clutter free. A clutter-free orderly kitchen facilitates chi flow and is calming to the brain (which also facilitates chi flow).
  • Place a gold/yellow themed juniper or pine wreath around a gold/yellow candle, atop the center of your dining room table. Include fruit such as peaches, pears, cherries and/or apples as these fruits symbolize health
  • Add a mirror on the wall above your stove burners to double them as the stove represents your Prosperity.
  • Make sure that all appliances are in good working order, even the lights inside of them.
  • There is a connection between food and wealth. Display edible fruits, nuts, or other food snacks to remind your subconscious of this form of wealth. Note that today’s Westerners live like kings and queens compared to centuries past as we have oranges from California, fish from the north Atlantic, asparagus from Peru, spices from India and cheeses from France.
  • Eat meals at your kitchen or dining room table. This table represents your relationships so if you are ignoring or neglecting your kitchen table then the same is happening to your relationships.
  • Make sure you use all of the burners, even if you have a favorite try rotating which burner you use.
  • Add live plants, fresh fruit or fresh flowers to liven up your kitchen and make it warm and inviting.
  • Edit the color red out of your kitchen as it can ‘feed’ too much passion in the space causing family disharmony and fighting.

All rights reserved. Copyright© 2015 of the International Feng Shui Guild™

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