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Invite Positive Energy with Ancient Home Cleansing Techniques!

According to ancient traditions, every house has a spirit. Feng shui calls it Chi, whereas the ancient Indian architectural science – Vastu, calls it the Vastu-Purush. These concepts signify that each house has energy. If this energy is balanced, the inmates stay happy and healthy in the house. That is why we should ensure that the house spirit or the energy inside the house is well balanced.


A home detox or deep house cleaning can help to remove the negative elements and harmonize the internal environment of the house. Let us look at some of the essential factors for a home detox –


Addressing Indoor Pollutions


Indoor pollution affects our mind and body directly, and that is why it is more important to tackle it before anything else. We can handle the indoor pollution step by step –


1.     Dust Mites & Bed Bugs

Dust mites are tiny bugs that live in dust. You can find them practically everywhere, in pillows, mats, mattresses, curtains, etc. All fabric-based stuff in your house absorbs dust every day. It can make a cosy home for the dust mites.


Dust mites are a great source of allergy. The common symptoms of dust mite allergy are runny or stuffy nose, sneezing, cough, itching in the nose, mouth, throat, skin, or eyes. Dust mites are especially bad for people more prone to cold and cough, asthma, or any kind of respiratory disorder.


That is why you must make sure that your house stays dust-free. It is impossible and impractical to have zero dust. But you can significantly reduce the amount of dust in your house by frequently dusting, mopping, vacuuming it. Besides, try to change and wash your household linen at least once a month. You can change the bedsheets, pillow covers, etc. once and week and vacuum another textile décor like curtains, mats, etc. once a month.

 2. Gas Oven (switch off at night)

Make it a mindful kitchen habit to clean the kitchen before you go to sleep. This habit will bring you a fresh and clean kitchen to start a bright day!

Also, it is important to switch off the gas oven at night before sleep. Your gas may not blow up at the night, but little carefulness is never harmful.


3.     Water Filtration

Water is our lifeline. Most deadly diseases like cholera, food poisoning, etc arise from polluted water. Besides, water is the source of multiple pathogens. Therefore, proper water purification is imperative to good health.

Also, you must be careful of the mineral content in your water. Too much fluoride, calcium, or any other mineral present in water is detrimental to your health.


One of the natural ways to clean water is to boil it and add a small amount of alum to precipitate the mineral-based impurities.


Charcoal and sand filtration are also naturally more effective water purification methods than RO and UV treatment.


4. Air Humidifiers and Use of Essential Oils/Herbs


There is only one more thing more important than water – air. Each breath is priceless, so make sure that you make the best of the opportunity!


First thing first, the air you breathe should be clean and pure. You can use any good air purifier if you happen to live in a polluted place.

Air humidifiers can help to improve humidity levels in a dryish atmosphere.

Besides, you can breathe in peace and cheerfulness with the use of essential oils, fragrant herbs, candles, etc.


5. Buy Eco-Friendly Materials


Real peace and happiness come with proximity to nature. So, fill your house with natural material instead of plastic.


Choosing the Right Furniture

Furniture should complement the house space. Therefore, choose the furniture to strike a balance with your house design, room sizes, and personal requirements.


For example, heavy and grand furniture goes well with big rooms. However, it may clutter a small space.


Choosing a Wall Paint

The colors have a great impact on your mind. That is why choosing the right color is imperative to your mental peace.

There are no hard rules. You should go for any color that makes you happy. But normally, bright, and sunny colors go well for the kitchen, balcony, and small spaces. Whereas dark or dull colors work well for places where you spend your time after the sunset.


6.     Organize the Space

Allocate spaces/corners for different activities work, play, rest, pray, etc… so that space is organized and energy is well distributed


The organization is the key to a beautiful and useful home. The organization appears to be a heavy word, but it can be quick and effortless. Besides, it makes the space more liveable. An organized house reflects a clutter-free mind.


Therefore, start by using every space of your house with intention. You can make separate spaces for different activities like working, resting, praying, etc.


Once you allocate and use the space for a specific purpose, space becomes filled with special energy, conducive to the allocated work. For example, if you have a special prayer room or prayer space in your house, you will incidentally feel safe, happy, and balanced in that space.


 These are some of the essential factors for an effective home detox. Our home is an extension of our physical existence. Once you have a clutter-free, clean, and organized home, you will see a huge change in your energy levels, peace of mind, and health!


I hope that this information brings you the best of health and happiness!




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