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Meaning of Ayurveda

The term Ayurveda is made out of two Sanskrit words

‘Ayuh’ +’ Veda’

‘Ayuh’ stands for longevity or life.

‘Veda’ stands for science or knowledge It literally means the science of life, to extend one’s healthy and meaningful life.

This ancient science is considered to have originated by the Gods in times

where disease and misery was increasing in the world.

Aim of Ayurveda

Svasthasya svasthya rakshanam,

aaturasya vikaara pras`amanani c ||

(Charaka Samhita Sutra Sthana 30/26)

The chief purpose or aim of Ayurveda is to

● relief the misery of suffering people

● preservation of health to help attain principle aim of life that are:

– Dharma – doing right for the wellbeing of individual and society

– Artha – to work hard to acquire wealth

– Kama – satisfaction of the worldly desires

– Moksha – attainment of salvation through liberation and god


Panchamahabhutas = The five elements

According to Ayurveda, the whole universe consists of five elements:

i. Aakash (Space element)

ii. Vayu (Air element)

iii. Agni (Fire element)

iv. Jala (Water element)

v. Prithvi (Earth element)

Our bodies also comprise of these five elements where

1. Space element conceives the body cavities,

2. The fluid part in the body is made up of the water element,

3. Fire manages the catabolic processes (like digestion) in the body

4. Where air element control the movements of different entities like

hormones, enzymes, and fluids

5. And earth element is the matter – the hardness of tough parts of the

body respectively

Tridosha – Bio-energies

vāyu: pittaṃ kaphaśceti trayo doṣ ā: samāsata: || vikṛ tā’vikṛ tā dehaṃ ghnanti

te varttayanti ca |

(Ashtanga Hridayam 1/6)

Vata, Pitta, and Kapha- The three bio-energies responsible for the

existence of life. These energies are needed to be balanced to maintain a

healthy body and mind constitution.

Vata manages the nervous system; Pitta with its fire element controls the

metabolism and hormonal flow whereas Kapha works as the support

system of our body.

Their poise and perfect balance is essential for a flourishing mind and body

whereas disturbance of natural function can be destructive beyond our

understanding and belief.

One must learn his body constitution to live a sophisticated and healthier


According to Ayurveda, every other person possesses a different type of

Prakriti (Body Nature) depending on their unique Tridosha constitution.

Though no human being has the body constitution consisting of a single or

dual dosha but all three, however, there is always one dosha or two doshas

that dominates over the other. That one dosha decides one’s Prakriti (Body

type). Depending on this dominant guy your body has different

physiological and psychological functioning.

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