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Tridosha 3 bio-energies that rule our state of being

Tridoshas are made of the 5 elements. These five elements are essence of creation.

Everything is being created from it.

Vata, Pitta, and Kapha- The three bio-energies responsible for the

existence of life. These energies are needed to be balanced to maintain a

healthy body and mind constitution.

“vāyu: pittaṃ kaphaśceti trayo doṣ ā: samāsata: || vikṛ tā’vikṛ tā dehaṃ ghnanti te varttayanti ca |’

(Ashtanga Hridayam 1/6)

Vata manages the nervous system; Pitta with its fire element controls the

metabolism and hormonal flow whereas Kapha works as the support

system of our body. Their poise and perfect balance is essential for a flourishing mind and body whereas disturbance of natural function can be destructive beyond our understanding and belief.

One must learn his body constitution to live a sophisticated and healthier life. According to Ayurveda, every other person possesses a different type of Prakriti (Body Nature) depending on their unique Tridosha constitution.

Though no human being has the body constitution consisting of a single or dual dosha but all three, however, there is always one dosha or two doshas that dominates over the other. That one dosha decides one’s Prakriti (Body type). Depending on this dominant guy your body has different physiological and psychological functioning. Let us take a closer look at what are the specific characteristics of a dosha-body type.

Since we now know that a balanced state of these Tridosha is strictly necessary to maintain a healthy body, mind state and conscious soul awareness. But what if there is an imbalance in the functions of Tridosha? I am listing down the signs of aggravation and alleviation of Tridosha so that whenever you experience discomfort, you will know which dosha is making trouble inside your body.

Chart showing main signs of dosha increase

Natural forces that affects tridosha balance:

1. AGE

Important Note: we all struggle with vata, as it increases with aging.

In children, Kapha dosha is dominant; in young ones, Pitta dosha

dominates the body; whereas in old age, Vata dosha dominates the whole



The Seasonal State of Doshas

Doshas in our body when exposed to different seasons respond differently.

We should keep this in mind and take necessary precautions according to

Dosha-Avastha (State of dosha).


Different hours of the day correspond to decrease or increase of each element.

Below chart is made per south indian sunrise and sunset times. We should adjust the timing according to the place where we live.

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